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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Log in shop 11 Street always can not link, which is how it happened?

A:Please refreshOr check the network is working correctly,Can sign in to other sites?If the above two methods are not working, there is a Web page is being updated, and may affect your browsing, but also hope that understanding.

Q:Website shows sold out when was the arrival of goods?

A:Replenishment time is 7-15 working days, is subject to the website information.

Q:What are the specifications of this product?How performance?

A:Detailed product specifications and performance issues you are concerned about product information page, or contact the factory phone consultation, or published at the bottom of the product page product consultation, there are professionals to answer your questions!

Q: How to cancel an order?

A:You can enter the "my 11 Street"——"my orders"——"on its own operations order cancellations, or call the customer service centre is staffed by customer service to cancel the order for you";If the order has entered the shipping process does not ensure that interception success, with delivery when you reject, thank you for your cooperation.

Q:My points have any uses?

A:You can use points to 11 "points Mall" channel free exchange or points + cash purchases in the form of ex-gratia exclusive merchandise.

Pay class frequently asked questions >>

Q:If I choose bank transfer, what do I need to pay attention to?

A:If you choose bank transfer, please be sure to order the use of column indicating your order number, payment to the account normally 2-5 working days after payment, we will confirm as soon as possible after receipt of payment for your shipment, 9 days of unpaid orders will be canceled, again orders.Remittance is finished entering my order information page, fill out the transfer information.The following figure:

Q:I paid through the Internet, why order appears not to?

A:Please check your Internet banking transactions (you can contact customer service by phone or via ATM, bank counter, login online banking queries), confirm whether the payment was successful and underline:

  • If payment is not successfully set aside, please "I'm 11 Street"——"my orders" to find the orders back pay

  • If the payment has been successfully set aside, please contact 11 Street shop customer service

Q:Why was my order cannot choose to pay cash on delivery?

A:The following does not support payment in cash: (1) the portion of the goods the seller shipped goods belonging to third parties, and does not support payment in cash;(2) in your area is not in the scope of delivery distribution distribution classes frequently asked questions >>

Q:Order is submitted successfully, when will it be shipped?

A:Orders we will ship as soon as possible after a successful submission, detailed progress query, you can enter "My 11 Street —My order "Click on the "Track packages "Can see in real time the progress of orders.

Q:Sign for the goods when damaged packaging, what to do?

A: Product sign if the packaging is damaged, please directly reject;Product after acknowledgement, such as a problem with the product itself, please "My 11 Street—My order "Submit a return request will have professional after-sales personnel for you to solve.

Delivery fee charged?

Q:Can provide transportation specialist phone?

A:Order status display "Has been shipped "11 Street delivery personnel number of the update from the distribution in the system;Status of my order tracking-------parcel packaging-transportation specialist telephone.

Q:Order cancellation, want, can you distribute?

A:I'm sorry, orders cancelled cannot be recovered, it is recommended that you place an order to purchase

Q:Why can't submit orders prompted the liquid distribution?

A:Liquid goods taking into account transport safety, public security departments, security restrictions and was therefore not distribution, we recommend that you choose a different way to buy.


Return frequently asked questions >>

Q: I'd like to return to do?

A:11 to provide you with a self-service application returns service, log into "My 11 Street —My order "Click on the "Apply for a return "Buffet complete the return application.Shown in the following figure:

QI wanted to submit a return request to cancel, what happens?

A:You can to "My 11 Street —I return —Record of my return "Click on the "Cancel "Button.

Q:What the situation will be charged return shipping charges?

A:Return due to product quality problems, 11 Street shop provide you with a free home pick-up or home Exchange services;But quality problems due to non-commodity returns initiated by the customer, will be borne by the customer return shipping fees!

Refund Type frequently asked questions >>

Q:Orders cancelled after the success of how long can I receive a refund?

A:All kinds of different order refund cycle

Q: Card payment, money back to?

A:Gift card payments, cancellation, returns only 11 street that can be returned to your account

Invoice class frequently asked questions >>

Q:Order delivered, but don't have the receipt, what should I do?

A:Please apply for invoice within one month after the order is shipped, can enter the "My 11 Street —Invoice management ", Click "Repair invoice "Self-service applications, after we receive your application, we will sent via snail mail.

Account classes frequently asked questions >>

Q:How to enhance the security of accounts?

A:Store account, you can login at 11 Street, in the "My 11 Street store-personal information management "In the bound account phone number, verify that the mailboxes and modify the account password (strong password recommendations: 3 any combination ——Letters, digits, punctuation), improve the security of your account.

Q:How to bind?

A:1, verify that the mailbox: log on 1th shop ——My 11 Street ——Personal information management ——Edit profile ——Basic information ——Verify that the mailbox ——Personal information;

2, phone: my 11 Street ——Personal information management ——Phone-bound ——Bound phone number ——Next ——Enter verification code ——Complete the binding;